The London Fruit & Herb

The London Fruit & Herb Company have adopted a philosophy of creating great tasting blends that are good for you. So dedicated are we to achieving this that we have developeda unique process to provide you with a range of fruit flavours which really taste as good as they smell. We have distribution network that makes these magnificent brands available in major supermarkets.

Ginger & Lemon Sweet Camomile Lemon & Lime Strawberry & Vanilla Fool Raspberry Rendez-vous Blackcurrant Bracer
Peach Paradise Blueberry Bliss Sweet Peppermint Apple & Cinamon Twist Fruit & Variety Pack

Banana -Cinnamon

Green Tea & Jasmine Green Tea Variety Pack Pure White Tea Green Tea Golden Slumbers Green Tea & Orange
White Tea & Tangerine Variety Pack Tropical Fruit Infusion Fruit Fantacy Variety Pack White Tea & Pomegranate Fruit 'n Spice Variety Pack



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