Kericho Gold is a special blend of fine teas from some of the best tea estates in Kenya; carefully selected by expert Tea Tasters for the richness of their taste, flavour and aroma. Each week our Tasters painstakingly review the quality of these teas to ensure that high standards are maintained, guaranteeing you a perfect cup of tea every time.
This is truly the connoisseurs’ choice of the best tea Kenya has to offer.

(100gm x 50) (250 gmx20) (250 gmx40) (500 gm x10) (500 gm x 20) (500 gm x 6)
(25'sx40x2gm) (50'sx20x2gm) (100'sx10x2gm) (50's x20x2gm) (100x10x2gm) (50's x 20 x 2gm)
(100's x 10 x 2gm)          



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